Posted by: rosssilvis | December 17, 2008

Getting Started…

Man… getting this thing off and running is harder than getting back on my bike at check-point 3 at last year’s Mohican. Well, it’s not quite that hard… actually, it’s not anywhere near that hard, but it’s not easy either. I guess I’ll start with who I am and then when I get to why I’m doing this, it will make more sense. I am an aspiring mountain bike racer, trail runner, marathon runner, adventure racer endurance athlete. There it is… endurance athlete. That’s who I am… or actually, who I’d like to be. And that brings me to the why…

The purpose of this blog will be to act as a sort of training diary and a place for me to write about and share (if anyone reads this thing) my experiences in endurance training/racing. The hope is that this will help me plan out my training, track my pain progress, and act as a good motivator when I’m feeling less than beastly. I’m also hoping that this will help me reflect on my race experiences and hopefully learn from my many mistakes.

And speaking of reflecting, I think that’s the next logical step. So expect a ’08 season recap soon: endless winter training rides, the success survival of the Mohican 100, the season of mud, the success of the Columbus Marathon and much, much more…


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