Posted by: rosssilvis | December 30, 2008

Race Calendar

So my 2009 Race Schedule has been somewhat finalized and is up for viewing. On the calender are eight mountain bike races, three road running races, two trail running races, and one adventure race. The schedule isn’t set in stone and it’s likely that I won’t be able to do all 14 races I’m planning to enter. However, I do have five or six races that will be the primary focuses for the season: Mohican, Raccoon Rally, the Tango, God’s Country, Laurel Classic, and Iron Cross.

Being that this is only my second year of mountain bike racing and I’m still relatively new to the long distance running as well, I believe that my primary goal for the season will be to simply get faster (makes sense right?) while continuing to increase the distances of the races that I enter. The three mountain bike races that I will be using as my barometer of success will be the Mohican 100K, Raccoon Rally Sport Class, and the Laurel Classic Sport Class races (all three are races that I did last year). Mohican, God’s Country, and Iron Cross will be the long races of season (50 miles+) and will be good stepping stones towards my goal of racing 100 milers. 

In contrast to my mountain bike racing, my primary goal for a few of my running races on the calendar (Hyner View and Megatransect) is simply to finish with dignity! If you have ever done the Megatransect you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve never done the Hyner View run but from what I’ve read, the pictures I’ve seen and my experience at the Megatransect (which is put on about 15 miles from Hyner), I know that I’m going to be happy just coming across the finish line without a limp.

And about the Tango – I was going to put in a quick snipit about the race and my expectations, but that race is just too cool not to dedicate an entire post to it, so… that will have to wait until later.

Also, lastly, my Training Schedule is completed for January. This will be the first time that I have trained seriously for both running and moutain biking. I’ve used one or the other as cross training for one or the other, but I’ve never trained seriously for both – should be interesting. I think the first couple of weeks will be difficult, getting back into the swing as I haven’t been working out steadily for some time (I spent the last month and a half remodeling my bathroom – fun fun). But, I think once I get through those first few weeks I should be fine.

Oh, and the recap of my 2008 season is still on its way…



  1. As an ex-trail committee member the Megatransect and now an active trail member of the Hyner View Trail Challenge, I guarantee you will not be disapointed with Hyner. Last year it defeated me! I have done 6 Megatransects and 2 Hyners. Maybe it was the heat….. Last year I earned my medal! No changes for a reason, redemption for those that were humbled by the 5000 feet over 16 miles. Hope to see you at the event. Trail Guy

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