Posted by: rosssilvis | January 22, 2009

The Daily Grind

I managed to get two solid workouts in this week; a run on Tuesday and a trainer workout in the basement on Wednesday. The training schedule called for a tempo workout but with how snow covered the sidewalks and roads are its difficult to do any type of pacing. I don’t really think it matters at this stage of the game anyways with Hyner still a couple of months away. The primary goal right now is to just to the distance, so that’s exactly what I did. I clipped off four miles in about 33 minutes, which I thought was good considering the hills I threw into the route. I’ve been making a point to run over to Mercyhurst College and then up the hill from 38th to the top of the college. It’s only a few blocks, but the hill rises in steps so its fun to see how hard I can push myself. I have to mention that my gear was still damp from the weekend (because I was too lazy to get it washed) so the run was quite cold even though the temps have been relatively warmer recently. So that probably accounts for my pace – I was running hard just to stay warm!

On Wednesday I hit the trainer for 45 minutes. Even though I was still feeling pretty fatigued from the weekend, I decided to push myself as I knew I wouldn’t get a workout in today. (I’m heading¬†downtown shortly to check out Erie’s new basketball team, the Erie BayHawks.) The workout consisted of a five minute warm-up, then seven sets of 4:30 minutes of just above conversational pace followed by 30 seconds of sprinting, and then a five minute cool-down. It’s a killer workout, but Jason says these types of workouts will make me faster this year, so I’m doing them! I’m pretty beat today though. Studying is in full swing (meaning I’m up till 11-12 every night) and work is… well, its work. Someone old and wise once told me they wouldn’t pay us if it wasn’t work. Well, anyways, I’m off to enjoy my one night off from studying and training. I think I’ll have a beer… maybe two.


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