Posted by: rosssilvis | January 28, 2009

Keep on Running

Well, my legs are slowly getting back into “running mode”. I ran seven miles on Saturday at a hard pace, 7:50 minute miles,  given the slippery conditions and then another seven miles last night. My pace was considerably slower last night (8:45 minute miles). You would think that after all of the injuries and trail-and-error running experiences that I’ve been through I could get hammered into my hard head that pacing is everything. I pushed myself way too hard on Saturday and my legs let me know on Sunday and Monday, making me skip my Sunday ride. I don’t need to be pushing the pace in January, but sometimes I guess I just can’t help myself. Well, last night I backed off and I feel great today. Hopefully I can keep reminding myself that the focus at this time of the year is just to get the miles in and not the pace at which I’m running them.

I jump up to nine miles this weekend, which seems a little daunting. It’s not so much the distance, but the weather. I don’t mind the cold; actually, running in mid 20s temps is becoming quite comfortable. My problem with running nine miles in January in Erie is the unsure footing you have to deal with for the entire distance; that and how ugly Erie is in the winter. It takes a constant attention not to wind up with your butt or face kissing the asphalt and I find that more draining than the actual running. It takes away from the mental escape that running provides me – one of the main reasons I like running.  And the scenery… good old dreary Erie. Don’t get me wrong, Erie can be very scenic in the winter with a fresh layer of snow and the sun shining. However, go running at seven o’clock on an overcast night in downtown Erie and you’ll see what I mean.

Anyways, I was hoping to get a picture of the frozen bay but there just wasn’t enough light. I instead got a shot of the new Bayfront Convention Center, the attached Sheraton Hotel, and the Bicentennial Tower.

Bayfront Convention Center, Sheraton Hotel, and the Bicentennial Tower

Bayfront Convention Center, Sheraton Hotel, and the Bicentennial Tower

I also got a cool shot of the Oliver Hazard Perry monument in the square downtown.

Who's number one?...Oliver Hazard Perry knows... oh yes, he knows...

Who's number one?...Oliver Hazard Perry knows... oh yes, he knows...

Aside from running the nine miles I’m schedule to do, I’m hoping to get a ride in on Sunday in the afternoon. The family is coming up for the weekend to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, but if I’m lucky there might be a small window to go for a ride in after they leave and before the Super Bowl. Go Steelers!



  1. If Erie doesn’t look any better than Meadville today, it is indeed ugly! Brown and gray…and way too much white! Good luck with your training!

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